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From concept to commercialization, we'll bring your vision to life in just 4 months.
Our process

120-Day workflow

We are an affordable, boutique product development & commercialization firm focused on taking your concept to commercial markets inside 120 days - wherever you may happen to be.
1. Business Basics
We restructure your business entity, reduce your tax liability, provide you with licensing-friendly operating forms & documents, and optimize your Industry Codes with the goal of you receiving $10,000+ in business credit funding.
2. Intellectual Property
We partner with the best IP attorneys to structure, draft, and file your first (or next) non-provisional U.S. patent, as well as your federal trademarks. A robust prior art search is ensured to secure your novel concept and brand marks.
3. Product Design
We design your full product at engineering quality in 3D CAD software, providing you with a full portfolio of realistic renders & animations inside 30 to 60 days. We also design your packaging & labeling.
4. Manufacturing
We work with our private network of 1,000+ US-based manufacturers to cut costs and provide you with your first affordable & efficient physical prototypes.
5. Product Branding
We provide you a Webflow product landing page, custom curated pitch deck, pitch scripts, and battle-tested investor email scripts guaranteeing a high engagement rate.
6. Retail Distribution
We guarantee you 10+ distributor deal conversations, or we work for free. We also set you up with retail buyers, apply your product to buyer application cycles, and communicate with our private network of 1,150+ distributors in the USA, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
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Hear some success stories from our clients - our favorite people in the whole wide world.

Design + Manufacturing

Scott Sawyer, CTO

business basics

Alex Moreno, CEO

Business basics

Enrique Gamboa, CEO

Design + product branding

Diane Geer, CEO

Business basics + product branding

Salma Taher, Founder

product branding

Rae Catherine, Founder

We leverage our team's combined 250+ years of robust engineering & product management experience to deliver you a quality product from scratch. Check out some of our designs below.

quality designs

Our team of professional design engineers will work with your vision to apply practical features you want into a full 3D and 2D product model portfolio.

sell your idea visually.

Our fast-paced and low-cost design process will provide not only high quality 3D CAD models for your product, but also 3D printing files, 2D manufacturing prints, photo-realistic renders, and corporate video animations.

free consultation

Positioning packages


Priced at:
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  • High-Converting Product Pitch Deck
  • Product Demo Website (Webflow)
  • FREE Bonus: 70%+ Close Rate Investor Reachout Scripts (as used by our agency)


Priced at:
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  • Everything in Silver Package
  • 10 News Publications for Your Product Company (including FOX News)
  • Samples Submitted to 1,100+ Distributor Network -US, Puerto Rico, & Canada
  • FREE BONUS: 3 Investor Pitch Scripts (curated)

Entity packages


Priced at:
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  • LLC Formation (WY, DE, or FL) + Tax liability minimization
  • LLC Record Book - Filing forms, formation documents, & amendments
  • NAICS & SIC Code Optimization


Priced at:
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  • Everything in Silver Package
  • Custom Credit Repair Gameplan
  • Custom Credit Card Applications Gameplan
  • We will remove up to 3 hard inquiries
    Personal & Business Credit Referral Links
    We will handicap your first 2 credit apps

Meet our founders

Our philosophy is simple — provide only the best talent to provide only the best results. All-American engineering and management talent.
Nick Maciel
Former founder of Fluxxio and Kratos Consulting. Mechanical engineer & invention and innovation coach.
Dylan Gates
Director of Operations
Multi-disciplinary organizational leader with experience in the engineering and nightlife sectors.
Jhonatan Charco
Acquisitions Manager
100+ UX/UI management projects under his wing, spanning multiple industries. Connects new global and regional markets.

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